The Future Sound of Stockholm is a creative music organism with three branches.

A boutique electronic and synth based record label, a production team for sound and design and a promotion division.

The world of music is constantly changing but we believe in the impact of an honest passion for the art. Transparency and a responsive environment are the key elements for what we want to achieve — to make lasting vibrations that echo for decades.

 Record label

We are the organic home for our favorite artists. Cherry-picked from the electronic and mainly synth based pop music scene in Sweden. We work as a production family helping each other out and spreading our sonic universe with the ambition to create a new era for the sounds we love and breathe.

 The production team

Our team of composers and producers write, produce, mix and master music as a creative family that was organically founded via a mutual interest in electronic and synth based music. Beside traditional songwriting we make original soundtrack and production music for film, TV and radio.

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Soundtrack themes
Musical scores

 Promotion division

Our promotion team is a collaboration with the communication and design agency Bird is the Word. We do what traditional music business lingo would call concept, design, copy and PR. But our ethos is to find the essence of the art and amplify it.



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